Triple Electronic Pte Ltd is an electronic components distributor established in Singapore since 2001, specialized in Memory Components with US$270 million revenue by 2007. 

In order to expand our service to a broader market, Triple (TW) Electronic Pte Ltd has been established in Taiwan since 2009. 

On an average, Triple Group has been stocking up over US$20 million worth of inventory and supporting customers of the World Top 10 EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) Providers.


Establishment Date: 06 July 2001
Managing  Director: Mr. David Wu
Operation: Electronic Components Distributor
 Award : Singapore SME 500 Company Ranking
8th place (Electrical/Electronics Industry) 


Together with Triple (TW) Electronic Pte Ltd, Triple Group serves as a bridge and offer one stop shop supply which effectively links the customers and suppliers in the electronic industry especially with our authorized product

With a globally established network and our excellent logistic capabilities, we are able to provide both the most competitive price and best quality services to our partners, which make us your most reliable long term partner for electronic components.

Our Core Values

Triple not only will strive for a world class operational performance to become the industry leader, but will also strive to be an internationally known “A+ Service” Corporation through achieving the six elements of A+ Service :